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Date of Birth : April 15, 1982 , Vancouver, British Columbia
Birth Name : Seth Rogen
Nickname : Seth
Height : 180cm
Sign : Aries
Hair : Brown

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Seth Rogen is a Canadian actor, comedian, producer, screenwriter, and director. Some of the accomplishments he have under his belt are roles in 'Freaks and Geeks' (1999), 'The 40-Year Old Virgin' (2005), 'Superbad' (2007), 'P .... Read More

Seth Rogen Quotes

"I'd say that all my time in front of the camera is equally uncomfortable for me."
"I'm not entirely comfortable saying I'm an actor, because it seems like a very weird, almost dorky thing to say you are."
"Ali G was fun to write for, too, just because he was so stupid."
"When I was young doing stand-up, I'd get 50 bucks a week here or 100 bucks a week there."
"Sometimes, you just get in this mentality of 'Fuck you, this is funny.' If you don't think so, you're the asshole."
"When I first started, there was a real novelty element to it, I'm sure: 'Look, there's a 13-year-old kid doing comedy.'"
"I knew I just loved comedy, and I think it was my parents who initially brought up the notion of me trying to do stand-up."
(about "Dawson's Creek") I can safely say I've never seen a single episode of that show, including the one I'm in!
“I couldn't say enough great things about him. He's the reason I'm not a homeless crack-head right now.” - on Judd Apatow
I remember when I got my first Adam Sandler CD and it was the funniest thing Id ever heard in my entire life, & continues to be.
“I guess what Judd Apatow is to me, is what Terrence Malick is to David Gordon Green. They're just good friends.”
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Seth Rogen Biography